Client Testimonials

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  • Prior to using bioidentical hormones, I had already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for a few years. However, despite medications, I still had certain symptoms prevailing, such as difficulty in losing weight, bloatedness and lethargy. Just recently, I had a blood test done, inclusive of my hormonal assay, from which it was detected that my thyroid hormone levels were still uncorrected, and to my dismay, a few other non thyroid hormones as well. Since taking these medications, I've found a vast difference in how I feel and in performing my daily activities. I'm now progressively losing weight, and feel so much better day by day.

    Indi, Bioidenticals

  • Hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, night sweats, dry skin, fatigue, weight gain and loss of breast fullness - that perfectly describes me before I discovered bihrt. Compounded bihrt is not about being vain and a afraid of aging. To me, it's about taking control of the quality of my life. Now, I can sleep well, no more moodiness, feel more energetic and all those symptoms associated with menopause is all gone! Best of all, I look good and feel great!

    Sopfhiya, Bioidenticals

  • I have been suffering from Pustular Psoriasis (an immune mediated disease) for the past 5 years. Psoriasis affects the quality of life depending on the severity and location of outbreaks on the body. The severe itching and pain interferes with basic functions like sleeping and walking. After 4 or 5 different forms of treatment, I met with a doctor who, after performing some blood-work, prescribed DHEA complex. After 3 months on DHEA, remarkably, the rashes, pustules and itching dramatically reduced by 80-90%. I am very happy to have discovered this medication & would recommend that people suffering from Psoriasis explore the possibility of alleviating their suffering by using DHEA.

    AA, DHEA

  • I went to see the Doctor after gaining approximately 4.5 kg in one year while maintaining my fitness and diet regime which has been consistent since the birth of my children. I suspected a sluggish thyroid and some other hormonal imbalances since having 3 children in less than 5 years. I also had good energy in the mornings but had to rest every afternoon and have a midday caffeine beverage to get going for the rest of the day. I felt strongly that although this is common, it was not normal for a woman in her late thirties. After the Doctor addressed my concerns through prescribing bioidentical hormones my weight went back to normal and my energy levels are now steadily high throughout the day. Thank you Aegle Pharma.

    Emma G., Thyroid

  • I started taking bioidentical in 2009 because i had just menopaused and everyday was painful not just physically in terms of aches and pains that seemed to be there all the time but also emotionally feeling disturbed for no reason. There was always a general feeling of not feeling well as if something was wrong. Once i started taking bioidentical i felt so much better. My body began to feel normal again. There were no more mood swings, no more hot flushes and no more feelings of discomfort. I started to feel myself again. Though sometimes i am concerned about the medications i am taking daily, i tell myself the quality of life is more important and bioidentical does that for me. It definitely makes life more bearable.

    VASUNTHARA, Bioidenticals

  • Before starting the bioidenticals hormones, I was feeling extremely tired, no energy, very down and depressed. For many years, I had these symptoms without knowing the causes! When my doctor found out that I had a big hormones imbalance, I was prescribed bioidenticals. After 1 month of treatment, I can say that I am much more better. I feel like coming back to life. My energy is growing, I feel more active and positive. All my entourage has noticed a big change on me.

    Lamia Bennouna Espinosa, Bioidenticals

  • About 2 years ago I had flu symtoms which I could not shake for months. I was fatigued, could not get a good night's sleep and the symptoms persisted. I went to my doctor, who recommended a complete blood test, including hormone testing. With the results of the hormone testing, I began taking bioidentical hormones. Finally my cough/flu symptoms subsided. My energy levels were back to what they were years ago, and I was finally getting good nights sleep on a regular basis. I've been taking them ever since.

    Jane Marten, Bioidenticals

  • Age: 53 and 1/4 years Menopausal symptoms: general lethargy, foggy brain, some difficulty sleeping, weight gain, body aches and joint pains, loss of libido, hot flashes and night sweats Blood test results: low thyroid, very low DHEA and progesterone, estrogen dominance Menopaused: More than a year Taken bio-identicals: Two years Bio-identicals have helped restore my quality of life. I feel better - more calm and optimistic in general, able to think clearly, more focused, sharper memory, improved sleep, less aches and pains, normalized libido, happy and vibrant. My night sweats and hot flashes have become minimal and bearable. I have more energy and look forward to my daily walks. Balancing my declining levels of the above hormones with bio-identicals has been the key to my wellness.

    Rani, Bioidenticals

  • marybeth

    20 years ago at age 37, I went into sudden menopause, as I arrived in Asia to work. I attributed my severe insomnia, constipation (only evacuating twice or less a month), hot flashes, mood swings to my very stressful family situation. 10 years ago in 2003 I went to a gynae who said my symptoms were that of being post menopausal and I was put on Livial. The symptoms all remained except the hot flashes dissipated. In 2008 until I met a Doctor in March 2010, I developed brain fog. I was unable, though, to articulate to myself what was wrong, such was the fog. I had deep fears I was developing early dementia and was scared to tell anyone since I am alone here, an expat from the USA, and have a high powered job in a male dominated field. By March 2010 it was becoming almost impossible to hide the brain fog and I was professionally embarrassed many times with it. My doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, referred me to a doctor. I gave the doctor my history and explained about memory lapses and inability to understand plots of simple TV dramas. The doctor was very kind and had my blood drawn to first understand exactly what my hormone levels were as well as other basic blood levels. They were all very much off and I had only trace amounts of important hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, my adrenal glands were not functioning at all, etc. The doctor then started me on Biest/Testosterone, DHEA, Hydro-cortisone, pregdnenolone, and some supplements. Within a week, I felt better and within one month I felt like I did prior to being menopausal. I mostly noted my brain fog has disappeared and indeed I feel sharper after 3 years of taking these bio-identicals than I have for 20 years. My energy increased almost immediately, my mood evened out and I now have a far more positive overall feeling of well=being and wellness. I've also noticed many other positive outcomes like my skin is no longer dry and blotchy and sickly looking, my hair is abundant and healthy again---whereas it was falling out before, my finger and toenails are strong and healthy, and I have endurance and superb motivation, I thought I would never feel again. I honestly feel like I am in my mid thirties. I have a libido again which had disappeared for 17 years which makes me feel even more youthful and vibrant. The Livial never had this type of effect at all. I know for certain that these bio-identical hormones not only gave me my life back as I was very close to being suicidal, they gave me a much better life back, one I thought had been banished when the menopause struck me those 20 years ago. I am also strong with normal hormone levels now that are properly balanced and I feel incredible. I feel truly blessed to have found a doctor who believed in this type of HRT because I know it worked and continues to work for me. People regularly assume I am in my mid forties which is another great effect of the bio's!

    Marybeth Ramey - Ms., MLS, Cert- (MsMs) all USA - The Consultant Director, Bioidenticals

  • “I was very happy to be introduced to BHRT and DHEA by my doctor. Around my 54th Birthday I was without energy and feeling down and that’s totally not me! Also I was suffering from hot flushes and night sweats. Now I feel very energetic, less muscle pain and no more moods swings. Thanks for making it easier going through menopause!”

    Lia C, BHRT