About us

The Company

Inspiring Wellness, Empowering Lives

Aegle Pharma Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 9th August 2012 as a pharmaceutical company with the singular and primary objective of providing ethical and uncompromising quality of compounded products such as, bio-identical hormones, supplements and nutrition.

Meaning of Aegle

Meaning of Aegle-In Greek mythlogy she is The Goddess of radiant good health and daughter of Aesculap,the medicine god.She is said to have derived her name Aegle,”Brightness” or “Splendour”,either from the beauty of the human body when in good health,or from the honour paid to the medical profession.

The Laboratory

We have also designed our laboratory to meet  the higher than expected minimum requirements from the Ministry of Health for Class D laboratories as all current compounding laboratories are. Our laboratory is equipped with an advanced germicidal air purification system that eliminates all air borne pathogens and volatile organic compounds with an effective purification rate of above 99.997%. Our laboratory has also been spray coated with nano titanium dioxide to further eliminate and neutralise dangerous biological pollutants, odours, fungis and moulds. To further assure the sterileness of our laboratory we have also installed UVmax germicidal  & virucidal decontamination lights and an ozone filtration system for our water source to further reduce any possibility of cross contamination. We have also built a dedicated changing room for our pharmacist and lab technicians to gown themselves first before entering the laboratory in order to keep the lab as clean and sterile as possible.

Our philosophy


Guiding & leading humanity towards optimum health


Customers: To be known and trusted by our customers and their patients in delivering uncompromising top quality niche compounded health products.

Partners and vendors: Building a mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and vendors through integrity, trust and commitment.

Employees: To create a learning and career growth working organisation for our employees that cultivates creativity in a nurturing environment.


Holding steadfast and adhering to Integrity, Quality and Effectiveness for our compounded products.

Commitment to Quality

Uncompromising and strict internal quality control protocols to deliver the highest possible quality standards through cutting edge innovation and pursuit of excellence in delivering proven and ethically compounded products.

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