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History is replete with great innovations and achievements all driven by a fuel that drives our desires...and that fuel is passion. It is passion that makes us want more than we need. It makes us change the way things have been and the way things will be ...it is the fuel that powers human progress. At Aegle, we take forward this legacy. As passion underlines everything we do. Be it coming up with new ideas, exploring possibilities or relentlessly pursuing innovation...because for us, Passion is just not a word, it is a way of life.

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  • Sa’Na Night Cream

    Sa’Na  Night Cream

    Lightens skin pigmentation Antioxidant activity in UV exposed cells Protective role against UV induced skin damages Increases elasticity…

  • Sa’Na Day Cream

    Sa’Na Day Cream

    Diminishes pore size Reduces wrinkle Increases skin collagen content of the skin by increasing the production of hyaluronic…

  • Oxytocin


    Oxytocin is a hormone that makes people happy, more sociable & friendly. It also improves moods & reduces…

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What our customers say

  • Prior to using bioidentical hormones, I had already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for a few years. However, despite medications, I still had certain symptoms prevailing, such as difficulty in losing weight, bloatedness and lethargy. Just recently, I had a blood test done, inclusive of my hormonal assay, from which it was detected that my thyroid hormone levels were still uncorrected, and to my dismay, a few other non thyroid hormones as well. Since taking these medications, I've found a vast difference in how I feel and in performing my daily activities. I'm now progressively losing weight, and feel so much better day by day.

    Indi, Bioidenticals

  • Hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety, night sweats, dry skin, fatigue, weight gain and loss of breast fullness - that perfectly describes me before I discovered bihrt. Compounded bihrt is not about being vain and a afraid of aging. To me, it's about taking control of the quality of my life. Now, I can sleep well, no more moodiness, feel more energetic and all those symptoms associated with menopause is all gone! Best of all, I look good and feel great!

    Sopfhiya, Bioidenticals

  • I have been suffering from Pustular Psoriasis (an immune mediated disease) for the past 5 years. Psoriasis affects the quality of life depending on the severity and location of outbreaks on the body. The severe itching and pain interferes with basic functions like sleeping and walking. After 4 or 5 different forms of treatment, I met with a doctor who, after performing some blood-work, prescribed DHEA complex. After 3 months on DHEA, remarkably, the rashes, pustules and itching dramatically reduced by 80-90%. I am very happy to have discovered this medication & would recommend that people suffering from Psoriasis explore the possibility of alleviating their suffering by using DHEA.

    AA, DHEA

  • I went to see the Doctor after gaining approximately 4.5 kg in one year while maintaining my fitness and diet regime which has been consistent since the birth of my children. I suspected a sluggish thyroid and some other hormonal imbalances since having 3 children in less than 5 years. I also had good energy in the mornings but had to rest every afternoon and have a midday caffeine beverage to get going for the rest of the day. I felt strongly that although this is common, it was not normal for a woman in her late thirties. After the Doctor addressed my concerns through prescribing bioidentical hormones my weight went back to normal and my energy levels are now steadily high throughout the day. Thank you Aegle Pharma.

    Emma G., Thyroid

  • I started taking bioidentical in 2009 because i had just menopaused and everyday was painful not just physically in terms of aches and pains that seemed to be there all the time but also emotionally feeling disturbed for no reason. There was always a general feeling of not feeling well as if something was wrong. Once i started taking bioidentical i felt so much better. My body began to feel normal again. There were no more mood swings, no more hot flushes and no more feelings of discomfort. I started to feel myself again. Though sometimes i am concerned about the medications i am taking daily, i tell myself the quality of life is more important and bioidentical does that for me. It definitely makes life more bearable.

    VASUNTHARA, Bioidenticals